Tuesday, December 19, 2017

week of 12/18

Honors Pre-Calculus Pd1 and 8
Test Wednesday

Algebra 1  Pd 6 and 7
Test Wednesday

AP Calc Pd 4
Test Wendesday

Monday, December 11, 2017

week of 12/11/17

Honors PreCalc Pd 1 and 8
Monday 5-3 ex1,2,3 P331 1-18
Tuesday 5-3 ex 5,6 p331 21-30
Wednesday 5-4 ex5 P352 40-45 P357 33-38
Thursday 5-5 ex 2 and 6 P352 9-14, 30-36
Friday 5-5 ex 4 P352 24-27 additional practice

Keystone workshop
Work on daily study island assignments

AP Calc
Monday 5-1 part 1 WS
Tuesday 5-1 part 2 WS
Wednesday 5-1 Part 3 WS
Thursday 5-2 Ws
Friday 5-4 WS

Alg 1B
Solve systems of inequalities by graphing WS every period each day

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

week of 12/4/17

Honors Pre Calculus
Monday P352 37-40
Tuesday P352 41-48
Wednesday WS
Thursday Review
Friday Test

Keystone workshop
WS given each day

AP Calculus
Monday RR1
Tuesday RR2
Wednesday RR3
Thursday practice
Friday Quiz

Alg 1B
WS given each period every day
Test Friday

Monday, November 27, 2017

week of 11/28/17

Pd 1 and 8 Honors PreCalc
Continue working on Section 5-5.  Assignment given each day.  Test will be sometime next week.

Pd 2 Keystone workshop
Continue working on linear functions.  Worksheet given each day

Pd 4 AP Calc

Pd 7 and 8
Slope intercept form word problems.  Worksheet given each day.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Week of 11/13/17

Honors Pre-Calculus Pd 1 and 8
Monday- Practice WS
Tuesday and Wednesday review for test
Thursday Test
Friday Trig graph activity

Keystone Workshop Pd 2
WS given each day

AP Calculus Pd 4
LHopital's Rule Part 2 and 3 text and worksheets

Algebra 1 Pd 6 and 7
Ws given every period each day

Friday, November 3, 2017

week of 11/6/17

Honors PreCalc
Monday WS
Tuesday WS
Wednesday P331 1-18
Thursday P331 21-30
Friday Practice WS
Next Test 11/16

Keystone Workshop
Monday Patterns WS
Tuesday Patterns WS
Wednesday Functions WS
Thursday Slope WS
Friday Rate of change WS

AP Calc
Monday derivs of exp and inverse trig functions p354
Tuesday Lhopital Day 1 P263 5-18
Wednesday Lhopital Day 2 P263 20-24,31-34
Thursday Lhopital Day 3 P263 25-30
Friday Lhopital Review WS

Alg 1B
Worksheet Given every period
Test Friday 11/10

Monday, October 30, 2017

Week of 10/30/17

Honors Pre-Calculus
Test on Tuesday

Keystone Workshop
Test on Wednesday

Algebra 1B
Worksheet given everyday

AP Calculus
Monday Text and WS
Tuesday Text
Wednesday Text
Thursday WS
Friday WS